I'm not going to lie..it just hasn't felt like Christmas this year. Maybe it's the weather being so warm (it's 70 degrees in New York!), or maybe it's because I've been so busy that the holidays snuck up on me too quickly. I'm trying everything to get me in the spirit: keeping the Christmas tree lit, blasting the Nutcracker Pandora station, watching Christmas movies and giving my iPhone a festive wallpaper (which I'm sharing with you below!). It's kind of starting to work, but I know just what will do the trick. Late tonight when Dom and I arrive home stuffed from a marathon dinner of seven fishes with his family, we'll start our yearly traditions. We've made it a tradition on Christmas Eve to open presents with the Yule log going on our TV (ha! - we don't have an actual fireplace in our apartment). After presents we put on our pajamas and curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa while we watch the Polar Express :). This is my absolute favorite Christmas tradition! Is there a tradition that gets you in the holiday spirit? Please share in the comments below!

And just in case you need that extra push to feel festive, grab yourself a background for your phone or device, and check out the ones I did last year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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